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John's Journal... Entry 14 - Day 1

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Click to enlarge"I spotted a trophy buck coming across the field at about 70 or 80 yards," Bob Robb, a prolific outdoor writer from Alaska, and one of my good friends, said. "I knew I'd have to make a long shot if the buck continued to come down the edge of the field. After I saw that he was a shooter, I told my cameraman to focus on the deer."

Earlier in the day, Robb's cameraman had moved the camera, and the Tree Pod holding the camera had squeaked. Robb realized that if the Tree Pod squeaked as a deer approached, it would spook the buck. Even though Robb's camerman had oiled the Tree Pod, it still would squeak when it reached a certain spot.

Click to enlargeWhen Robb saw the huge buck, he'd told the cameraman to, "stay focused on the deer until just before you get to the place where the camera squeaks. Then don't go any further, because if that deer hears the squeak, he'll be gone."

Robb already had used a rangefinder to determine his distance from where the buck would pass in front of him. When the buck stepped into the spot Robb had pre-predicted, the animal quickly stopped, threw his head up and looked straight at where Robb stood at full draw.

"When I saw the buck stop, I released the arrow, even before he started to turn his head," Robb explained.

Click to enlargeRobb spined the buck, causing him to go down quickly. Robb nocked his second arrow, however, he was so excited he missed the deer by 5 feet. Since the animal was immobilized, Robb had the opportunity for a third shot. This time with nerves of steel he delivered the coup de grace.

The buck, the biggest white-tailed buck Robb ever had taken with his bow, scored an impressive 180 points on Boone & Crockett. If you'd like to have an opportunity to hunt a monster buck like this one, contact Heartland Outfitters, 480 South Meadowbrook Road, Springville, Illinois 62707 or phone them at (217) 787-0050.


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