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John's Journal... Entry 25- Day 4

click to enlargeFish Your Best Spots

In 1984, a young competitor from Oroville, California, Gary Klein, had set the bass-fishing world on fire with his flipping technique, one of the hottest new strategies for catching bass at that time. The Arkansas River homed plenty of good flipping places where bass should hold. Klein who today lives in Weatherford, Texas, had found numbers of bass during practice. Many believed he would prove in this tournament that his flipping tactic could whip the best bass fishermen in the nation and their techniques.

click to enlarge"The only reason I won't win is if I don't get to fish where I've found big bass in a couple of places on the river, or if someone gets to them before me," Klein said.

Gary Klein, the young man with so much promise, finished one place up from the bottom in 39th position. "After the first day when I knew Rick Clunn had a chance to win, I stayed away click to enlargefrom some of my good spots, because he and I had found some of the same places holding big bass."

Klein also had pre-predicted that if he didn't fish his good spots he wouldn't win the Classic.

Tomorrow: Expect To Have Your Best Tournament Ever


Check back each day this week for more about bassing's secret weapons...

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