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John's Journal... Entry 75, Day 1

Where to Look for Foxes and What Calls to Use

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: My longtime friend, Tad Brown, the product-development manager for M.A.D. Calls in Columbia, Missouri, a subsidiary of Outland Sports in Neosho, Missouri, enjoys hunting all types of game, particularly varmints. Brown trapped to earn part of his living at one time.

Question: Tad, where do you look for foxes?
Answer: Although red and gray foxes are different, most of the time you'll find them in the same areas. A gray fox is more like a cat than a canine. Gray foxes like to hide in areas that also may hold bobcats, such as thick cover and little draws. An adult gray fox weighs 7 to 10 pounds at the most. They're fairly small, and you may be surprised that a lot of critters out there will prey on them. So, they scare very easily. I usually call in thick cover, and I like to get close to the foxes I try to call.

click to enlargeQuestion: What calls do you give them?
Answer: Since foxes will eat anything, rabbit, baby rabbit, rodent and bird sounds all will work and call them in to the hunter. For gray foxes, I like to use bird sounds. A turkey poult distress sound is very effective too because foxes know what a turkey poult in distress sounds like. You can get all these sounds on the 2000 Electronic Wildlife Caller made by Lohman's, another subsidiary of Outland Sports.

click to enlargeQuestion: If you use a hand-blown call, which one do you like?
Answer: The Circe MVP 4 has three calls in one: an in-close coaxer call and a medium- and long-range cottontail rabbit calls.

For a copy of "10 Free Tips for Calling Foxes," write Tad Brown, % Outland Sports, 4500 Donovan Drive, Neosho, MO 64850, ATTN: Kim Thurman.

Tomorrow: The Best Places to Find Foxes




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