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Click to enlargeWhen I Sent The News North And Double-Dipping 'Gills

Editor's Note: You don't have to go to private ponds in the South to take monster-sized bluegills. You may find Goliath-sized 'gills right under your nose where thousands of anglers fish every year. Many of the best bluegill hotspots never see an angler because most of us have believed that bluegills bed only on the banks. However, I've learned if you want to catch this scrappy panfish that fights hard and tastes delicious, learn to fish offshore on deep-water structure. This week, I'll tell you the best summer tactics for finding and catching bluegills.

Click to enlargeWith an ice chest full of bluegills and shellcrackers in my trunk, I headed home to call my friend in New York. (see day 3) When I described the method we had used to fish in the middle of the lake to locate the schools of bluegills, record the spots where we'd found the bluegills on my GPS receiver and alternate between those five sites to catch bluegills all afternoon, my buddy had to test the tactic on the Yankee 'gills. Two Click to enlargenights later, my phone rang. "I'm the hero of my house," my buddy said. "We fished in the middle of a pond, used your bottom-mopping tactic and caught limits of bluegills for two days. My fishing buddy and I just had a fish-fry for everyone in the neighborhood. He thinks I'm brilliant, and my wife thinks I'm great because I just fed all our neighbors. Don't tell anybody what we're doing, John."

Why Double-Dip 'Gills?:
The weather remained hot and dry for the next two weeks. I wondered if I could find the big bluegills in the same spots in the middle of the lake where Smith and I had fished before. I called Smith and asked if he minded if I came up that week, brought my GPS receiver and tried to locate some of those same schools of bluegills weClick to enlarge had fished for two weeks before. I asked if he thought those bream would hold in those same places in the middle of the lake all summer. "Sure, John, come on up," Smith said. We used my GPS receiver to return to the same spots Smith and I had fished two weeks earlier. To my surprise, we caught just as many big bluegills and shellcrackers as we had before. To liven up the neighborhood with a Friday night, summertime fish-fry, try these bottom-mopping tactics, and don't be afraid to move away from the bank.



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