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Why You Hunt More Effectively With GPS

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: You can blueprint a deer's movements and accurately predict when, where and from what direction you can expect a deer to show up. But to have a successful deer hunt, you must get to your stand without spooking the buck you hope to take. Although most deer hunters know this fact, few sportsmen understand how to accomplish this feat. This week we'll look at ways to plot your way to a buck.

Click to enlargeUsing a GPS receiver and plotting your hunt will allow you to hunt much more effectively in areas where you more than likely will see a buck at times that the buck may appear. With a GPS receiver you can ...
* scout more effectively by logging potential stand sites as waypoints to return to them by the shortest route,
* log in stand sites as waypoints and include the wind direction needed to hunt each spot.
* go to your stand before daylight regardless of how far your stand is from your vehicle without getting lost,
* hunt until the last minute of legal hunting time and still return to your car without becoming lost,
* move to another stand site at any time of the day if the direction of the wind alters and blows your human odor into your hunting area,
* change stand sites when hunting pressure increases or decreases atClick to enlarge any time of the day,
* know the positions of all your stand sites, the distance you are from them, the direction you have to travel to get to them, and how far each stand site is away from your vehicle,
* leave all your gear at your stand site as you blood trail your buck and come back to your stand and pick up your gear at any time,
* use your GPS to mark the blood trail as you follow your deer and still pick the trail back up at any time,
* utilize the GPS receiver to draw a straight line Click to enlargefrom one side of a thick-cover or a flooded-timber area to try and determine the direction of flight the deer has taken through the water or the cover,
* use the GPS to keep you from getting lost when you hunt deep in the woods,
* know where your vehicle is, your distance from your vehicle, and the direction you should walk for the shortest route to get back to your car,
* understand how much time will pass before you get from where you are to where you want to go.

Using a GPS receiver to plot your deer hunt means you'll hunt more efficiently and increase your odds for bagging a buck each season.

Check back each day this week for more about PLOT YOUR WAY TO A BUCK...

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