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Get In Shape With Kaz

"If you want to live longer and be healthier you've got to get you heart in shape first," Kazmaier says. "The number one muscle that we all have to be concerned with and need to work diligently to train is the heart."

Kazmaier recommends that you should first have a physical checkup and then begin to train your heart at a level of about 170 beats to 180 beats per minute for 30 minutes. If you follow Kazmaier's advice, you'll burn extra calories each day and dissolve fat.

"Muscle burns fat. The more muscle that you develop in you body the more fat you can and will burn. If you want to burn a large amount of fat from you body then you need to carry a lot of muscle," advises Kazmaier, "the more muscle you build and the more muscle you carry the more fat you can burn off you body."

Kazmaier says that once you begin to strengthen your body and improve you cardiovascular system then consider a weight lifting program.


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