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Click to enlarge Why You Missed And Where To Hang Your Stand

According to Larry Norton of Pennington, Alabama, nationally known hunter, guide and caller, "If you can't consistently put three out of five arrows in a bull's-eye about the size of a Skoal can and have the other two arrows touching the Skoal can, then more than likely there's something wrong with your bow. If your bow isn't tuned right, your arrow shafts aren't straight, your bow's out of timing, or your broadhead's not tuned, you are never going to take the deer of your dreams. So, if you missed a deer this weekend, check out all your equipment to find the problem that caused you to miss."


Click to enlarge"If you can't find the problem, go to your local archery shop. Have the archery pro watch you shoot to see if he can correct a problem with your form. Finding the deer is only half the solution to a successful bowhunt. The other 50 percent of the hunt depends on your ability to shoot straight. If you shot and missed this weekend, you need to know why and correct the problem."


Click to enlargeWhere To Hunt This Weekend

"If I saw deer at my stand site last weekend and I didn't miss or spook that deer, I'd go back to that same stand site this weekend," Larry Norton said. But, when you're walking in, be real careful not to touch any limbs or leaves, which will alert deer to where you are.


Click to enlarge"I've kept records on my hunts, and I've determined that the first time I sit in a stand I have my best chance to take an older age-class buck. For this reason, I carry my stand on my back when I go into the woods in the afternoon. When I find a spot that looks like there ought to be a nice buck using it, I go up the tree immediately. I'll even carry my stand into the woods in the morning as I walk to the spot I am planning on hunting. Then if I find a site that looks more productive than the place I've planned to hunt, I'll go up a tree close to the place I've just found. The first time you find a place where deer should be, hunt it immediately."

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