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Pay-to-Fish Trophy Bass Lakes Give You the Most for Your Dollar

Donavan Lakes and Triple D Ranch

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: If you want to catch a trophy bass, you can spend thousands of dollars on equipment and hours on the water. You may find yourself traveling all over the country and only catching a few quality bass. My home state of Alabama homes intensively-managed private lakes full to the brim with big, beautiful bass. You can have the greatest day of bass fishing you’ve ever had in your life and spend less time and less money than you’ll normally spend on a big bass-fishing expedition to Mexico, Cuba, south Texas or Florida. By visiting these Alabama trophy-bass lakes, you can land that lunker of a lifetime, catch and release a large number of bass in the 4- to 10-pound range in one day and have an amazing fishing trip. I’ve fished five Click to enlargeof the listed lakes, and my children and the friends I’ve taken with me never have forgotten these trips and the fish we’ve caught. Each lake can produce your bass of a lifetime and has the potential for you to catch and release 20 to 100 bass or more that will weigh from 4- to 10-pounds plus any day you fish there.

Two other lakes I’ve talked with people about but never had the opportunity to fish include the Donavan Lakes, located in South Marion, Ala., in Perry County, and Triple D Ranch outside Livingston, Ala., on 3,000 acres in Sumter County.

You can view pictures and stories on Donovan LakesClick to enlarge at For more information, call them at 334-683-6389, or email the manager, Thomas Wilson at

The Triple D Ranch, owned by Dee & Vicki Dial, consists of six catch-and-release fishing lakes. Call 205-652-7407, or go to

The Long and the Short of It
You can visit Florida, Texas, Georgia or other lakes in Alabama and possibly find and catch big bass. However, if you compare the amount of money you’ll spend on gas, food, lodging and equipment, you’ll quickly realize that fishing one of these trophClick to enlargey-bass lakes is the least-expensive way to catch the biggest bass in the shortest time and possibly catch a bass of a lifetime.

There’s never enough time for any of us. However, some of our children and grandchildren’s most-treasured memories are of the times we’ve taken them fishing or hunting, and they’ve had success. They’ll revisit these memories again and again throughout their lives. You can build lasting memories at these trophy-bass lakes. For a place to take your children, grandchildren, dad, granddad, uncle or grandma on a fishing trip of a lifetime, these lakes are the ideal spots for you.

You can fish during the day or the night and enjoy great accommodations and delicious down-home cooking. With the price of gas continuing to rise, and the tremendous amount of fishing pressure on public waters, these trophy lakes may become your best bet for making fishing dreams come true. I’ll fish these lakes this summer and fall, and if you fish any of these lakes at least once, you’ll save money and want to return year after year.

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