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Southern Deer Doctor

Editor’s Note: Dr. Larry Marchinton, a retired professor of wildlife, from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, probably has written more on deer behavior and movement than any other wildlife scientist.

Dr. Marchinton says if he only had 1 place to hunt, it'd be funnel areasMarchinton reports that, "If I only had one type of place to hunt at any time of the year to try and take a big buck but especially during the rut, I'd hunt funnel areas. I know that funnel areas, which arefunnel areas are productive at any time of the year productive at any time of the year, tend to be the most productive during the rut when bucks are on the move and searching for does to breed. Even though bucks will cover a wide expanse of territory during the rut to breed does, most of the time to get from one woodlot to another, the bucks will Most of the time when a buck is on the move, he will go through a funnelmove through a funnel. If you're there, you can take him."







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