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Click here to enlargeHunt Non-Pressured Gobblers

EDITOR'S NOTE: In preparing for turkey season, you can't know where you'll hunt. The tom himself will dictate the place you'll hunt, the type of terrain you'll have to cross, and how wet you'll get before you return to your truck. During the spring while turkey hunting, I'll usually get lost and need some type of Click here to enlargenavigational device. The hand-held GPS (global positioning system) will aid your scouting and your hunting turkeys this season.

A hand-held GPS receiver allows you to hunt areas other hunters won't or can't hunt. Because most hunters rarely go more than 200 yards off any road for fear of getting lost, the turkeys that roam close to any road receive the most hunting pressure. Click here to enlargeBy starting your hunt at least 1/4-mile from a road, you can get into places and pinpoint gobblers most hunters never hear or see. Often these non-pressured turkeys will respond to calling better then birds called to constantly. Too, on public lands, the GPS receiver enables youClick here to enlarge to hunt far more woods and pinpoint many more toms than hunters who don't take advantage of the GPS outer-space technology.







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