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Don't Miss Work

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: This week Mark Drury, award-winning turkey caller, the creator of MAD Calls, avid hunter and outdoorsman and co-owner and developer of Drury Outdoor Videos, will teach you the secrets for hunting last-minute gobblers. Hopefully this season you won't lose your job, your wife or your sanity when you hunt turkeys.

One of the toughest turkeys to take is that bird that's so deep in the woods that by the time you get to him, you've only got 30 or 45 Click to enlargeminutes to bag the gobbler before you have to leave to get to work on time. When I have to hunt those short-deadline turkeys, I try to go to them while the outdoors is still very dark. I want to get as close to the birds as I can. Then as soon as they pitch out of the trees from their roost, they'll be within shooting distance.

If you know where turkeys like to roost and where they like to fly to, you can set up in the direction where the turkeys want to go and often get a gobbler in a hurry. If I don't have enough time to get in close to the turkey, or the terrain isn't such that I can get in close to him, then I'll back off from the turkey a little ways and begin to call. I'll try to be at least 100- or 200-yards away from the turkey Click to enlargeand not call to him until he's on the ground. I like to try to sound like the first hen that's off the roost when I start calling to a gobbler that's already on the ground. I also want to sound like the boss hen - more dominant and more ready to be bred than any of the other hens that he may have calling to him that morning.

If hens start coming in behind me, trying to get to the gobbler I'm calling to, I'll try to spook those hens before they get to the gobbler. If I spook the hens, and they start cutting and cackling, I'll begin cutting and cackling, just like they are, to sound like an excited hen. I may want to fire-up the gobbler to keep him coming to me. If I've got that gobbler coming, and I can get a clean shot within 40 yards, as soon as I have the shot, I'll take it. I like to wait for a 20-yard shot, but I'll take the first good shot 40 yards or less that the turkey offers.

Click to enlargeIn the meantime, one of the best ways to learn to hunt turkeys is with video, which is why we produce the Drury Outdoor Production Videos. Then you can go on turkey hunts with us and learn how we hunt turkeys. If you want to go turkey hunting with us, log on to and pick out a couple of our videos. Then you'll be right there on the hunt with us. Or, you can call us at 1-800-990-9351 to order videos. My brother, Terry, and I really enjoy having people see, as well as read about, how we take those last-minute gobblers.


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