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Ignoring The Wind, And Overusing A Stand

EDITOR'S NOTE: Good bowhunters can become better bowhunters if they don't commit 10-deadly sins that decrease their odds for bagging any deer and especially trophy deer. Here's 10 of the most-common mistakes that even good bowhunters – sportsmen who have taken several deer with their bows and who have hunted for four or five years - make that I've identified by hunting with through the years.

Ignoring The Wind:

Click to enlargeEven an experienced bowhunter understands that he should hunt with the wind in his face. But often many hunters think they can cheat and hunt an area - even though the wind's wrong.
My number-one rule of thumb is no matter how good a hunting site is or how excellent I think my chances are of taking a buck in that spot, if the wind's not in my favor, I won't hunt that area. But instead I'll go to a region where I believe my chances may not be as good but where I can hunt with a favorable wind. Of course since many bowhunters believe they will kill deer, they may tell themselves, "I know the wind's wrong, but I'm going to go ahead and hunt that stand, because I just know I can kill a deer in there today." However, probably nine times out of 10, they won't kill a deer and will have fouled-up the area with their human scent in the process.

Overusing A Stand:

Click to enlargeI've found that bowhunters often overhunt stand sites. If I hunt a stand in the morning as well as in the afternoon, then I won't go to that stand the next day. If you hunt from the same stand over and over again, the deer wise-up to what you're doing. You're leaving scent going to and from the stand and on and around the tree as you climb up and down. Particularly when hunting trophy whitetails, the less exposure they have to human odor, the better your odds of taking them. The more exposure the deer have to human odor, the less chance the hunter will have to bag a specific buck. Deer also wise-up to a hunter's movement patterns quickly. The only advantage that the archer really has for taking a smart deer is to be in a spot where the deer doesn't expect him to be. Therefore the more times a deer smells human odor, the more likely the animal will be to avoid that area. Consequently, the more times you hunt from the same stand, the less effective that stand will be in producing a deer.

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