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John's Journal... Entry 10 - Day 2


Click to enlargeSeven Mile Island For Big Smallmouth

Using a cork about 2 feet foot up the line, Sam Parker of Florence, Alabama, a guide on the Tennessee River in northwest Alabama, drifts live shad minnows at the head of Seven Mile Island in the headwaters of Pickwick Lake.

Click to enlargeAccording to Parker, "The fishing seems to be best until about 8:00 a.m. or so, when the sun causes the minnows to go deep. I like to use a shad about 5- to 7-inches long because I believe the bigger shad minnows produce bigger smallmouth." Parker showed me a ridge on Seven Mile Island that's 7- to 8- feet deep with 10- to 12-foot deep water on either side of that ridge. Because the smallmouth will school up on that ridge at first light, you'll have fantastic fishing.
Click to enlargeWhen the smallmouth takes the bait and pulls the cork under, let the fish run for about a four or a five count. Then engage your reel, and let the fish take the slack out of the line before you set the hook. If you like fishing for high-jumping smallmouth on light tackle, then go to Pickwick Lake this month.
Click to enlargeTo learn more, contact Sam Parker at 7731 Doctor Kennedy Drive, Florence, Alabama 35634, (256) 757-7033.

Check back each day this week for more on fishing with Sam Parker

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