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John's Journal... Entry 212, Day 1


Utilize Your Property Year-Round

I've never waited longer than 10 minutes to catch a bass at my brother's pond. Usually I can catch and release 30 bass an hour, weighing from 2-to 5-pounds each. I've never taken a guest or a family member to my brother's pond, who hasn't gone home with a sore arm and a memory of catching more bass and bream than ever before in his or her life. If you have a pond that you can rent on or near your hunting lease, you can quadruple the value of your lease. I know-leasing land, maintaining a camp house and keeping up the property you hunt on involves expenses. However, if you or the members of your hunting lease only can use the land during deer and turkey season, you're not getting near the value of your cash out and lay that you can receive if you utilize the property all year.

To have good deer and turkey hunting, you must manage your land to produce the most and biggest deer and turkey it can. You'll also have to plant green fields, have wildlife openings and provide places for your members to take the deer and turkey you're raising. For years, we've known intensive wildlife management can, will and does produce the most, the biggest and the most-constant supply of deer and turkeys every year. If you apply this same philosophy, already known to work, to managing a farm pond, you can have one of the finest fishing lakes in the nation, where the bass and bream bite year-round.

If you're entertaining guests and family members, ideally you want them to have success when they accompany you to your lease. Now you can make that happen. Here's what's possible when you have a well-managed farm pond on or near your hunting lease. You probably can .

* catch bass and bream every time you go to the lake, regardless of the weather, the wind conditions and/or the time of the year,
* catch 30 bass (or more) an hour throughout most of the year,
* catch 1- to 2-pound bream regularly,
* catch 6- to 8-pound bass within three years,
* start catching bass immediately after they're stocked, even if you've begun with a clean pond and no fish,
* see your children, friends, family and guests, regardless of their bass-fishing skills, to catch bass every time you take them fishing, * have the kind of pond that produces very-big bass like the commercial catch-and-release ponds that charge $150 to $300 per day per person on your hunting lease and
* take customers and business clients to fish too, allowing them to experience a bass or a bream-fishing trip of a lifetime.

Dizzy Dean, the great baseball player and announcer, once said, "It ain't bragging if you've done it." And Southeastern Pond Management has done it. The company has produced this kind of fishing in farm ponds throughout the Southeast. Farm-pond management has come a long way in the last few years. Let me show you how you can have everything I've promised.

For more information on Southeastern Pond Management, visit the Web site at www.sepond.com or contact one of their three locations at:

Birmingham Alabama Office
(888) 830-POND (7663)
2469 Highway 31
Calera, AL 35040
Phone: (205) 664-5596
Email: pondexpert@aol.com

Opelika Alabama Office
2985 U.S. Highway 280 E
Opelika, AL 36801
Phone: (334) 749-0559
Email: sepond-opelika@aol.com

Jackson Mississippi Office
291 Highway 51, Suite E6
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Phone: (601) 853-0680
Email: kirkspm@aol.com




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John's Journal