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Five Rules for Bagging a Monster Bow Buck with Toxey Haas

Rule #2:  Prepare To Hunt a Trophy Buck    
Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Toxey Haas, the president of Mossy Oak, took his first buck with a gun when only 8-years-oClick to enlargeld. But for the last two decades, he has hunted almost exclusively with a bow. Haas has learned thatto consistently take a well-racked buck each season, he must give even the smallest detail of the hunt his maximum attention.

"You have to assume that you may have only one day all year long to take a trophy buck," Haas says. "You'll find your odds for bagging a really-big buck with a bow the best the first time you hunt that deer. Therefore, plan and prepare for that first day you hunt the deer as though you'll only hunt him that one day. You only may see that trophy buck within bow range once before he dies of old age."    

Haas begins his preparation for hunting a trophy buck during warm weather. He spots the buck, patternsthe buck, finds the deer's bedding region, puts up his tree stand and waits for the best wind and weather conditions to go to that stand site. Before he goes to his stand, he does all he can to eliminate odor and noise. Much like the knights of old preparing for battle, Haas studies his adversary, cleans and polishes his equipment, has his bow fine-tuned and Click to enlargenoise-free and his broadhead sharp and takes every precaution he can to ensure success on the daClick to enlargey he goes afield.    

"Once you get in the tree, pick the spots where you can make a shot if the deer appears," Haas suggests. Haas mentally sets up a boundary for a trophy buck. Once that big deer crosses that boundary and comes into the region where Haas knows that if he makes the shot he can down a buck, Haas takes the first good shot the deer offers. He doesn't wait. He doesn't hesitate, because he realizes that he only may get one shot.            

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