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Five Rules for Bagging a Monster Bow Buck with Toxey Haas

Rule #4:  Don't Hunt the Deer's Food Source     Click to enlarge

Editor’s Click to enlargeNote: Toxey Haas, the president of Mossy Oak, took his first buck with a gun when only 8-years-old. But for the last two decades, he has hunted almost exclusively with a bow. Haas has learned that to consistently take a well-racked buck each season, he must give even the smallest detail of the hunt his maximum attention.

"Dr. Harry Jacobson, one of the nation's leading whitetail-deer researchers, has said that you rarely will find a mature buck at his food source during daylight hours, except late in the summer," Haas explains. Haas concentrates his hunting on or near the buck's bedding area. Butif you spook a buck out of his bedding region, more than likely you can't hunt him at that same spot again. Therefore Haas carefully keeps from spooking the deer he attempts to take when he hunts these sites.     Click to enlarge

"I look for a natural funnel a buck has to walk through to get to his bedding area," Haas explains. "I don't hunt in the deer's bedding area, but I want to hunt as close as I can to that bedding place."         
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Tomorrow: Rule #5: Eliminate Noise

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