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The Rest of Slaton’s Story

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Slaton White, the editor of Shot Business, came to Saskatchewan to hunt with Garden River Outfitters because he knew he’d have a chance to take the white-tailed buck of a lifetime. Slaton explains, “All my life, especially when I was the editor for Field and Stream magazine, I’ve heard that Saskatchewan is the place to come if you want to take a really-nice buck.”

QUESTION: Okay, Slaton, tell us the rest of the story about your hunt.
WHITE: When the buck went in front of me, I couldn’t get the shot. Then he came back around in front of my stand and offered a shot to his right side, but there were two trees between me. And the buck and all I could see was his head and his rear. Finally, he took a step forward, Click to enlargeand I touched off my CVA .45-caliber black-powder rifle. I have to admit, just before I squeezed the trigger, I was unsure whether the rifle would fire or not. I had loaded my gun on Monday, and this was Friday. The gun had been cased but in the outdoors the whole time. The PowerBelt bullet had protected the powder, and the gun fired like I hoped it would. The bullet hit the buck right behind the front shoulder, and he reared-up like a horse, ran about 25 yards and went down. When I walked to the buck, I saw I didn’t need a follow-up shot. One of the things that really surprised me when I walked-up to look at my buck was that there were no ground trees. As I walked to my buck, he seemed to get bigger and bigger and bigger. This white-tailed buck ended up weighing close to 300 pounds, and I couldn’t believe how wide and heavy his antlers were and how chocolate-colored they were. This rack had character unlike any other rack I’d ever taken. I knew Click to enlargethat this buck was a mounter and trophy that I’d treasure for the rest of my life. I was shooting a .45 caliber CVA black-powder rifle, and I couldn’t believe how efficiently it brought down that big buck. The gun was very flat-shooting and hit exactly where I was aiming.

Where I was hunting in the timberlands, the timber was incredibly thick as was the brush. I knew if I had to track the buck, I’d really be in for a rough morning of tracking. Mo Heisler, owner of Garden River Outfitters had warned the hunters not to track our bucks if when we shot them they ran off. “Instead, wait for me. I can usually find your deer. I don’t want to have to come find you in that thick brush.” The brush up here is so thick it’s easy to get lost. But, this buck came within 25 yards of my stand, and there was no blood trailing necessary.

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