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Click to enlargeFishing for Specks, Reds and Flounder with Gary Davis

Creek Trout

EDITOR’S NOTE: Editor’s Note: Gary Davis has fished the Mobile Delta area around Foley, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan, Alabama, all his life. He knows where the speckled trout, redfish, and flounder will migrate – almost before they know themselves. As a full-time fishing guide, Davis makes his living knowing what tackle and what line produce best throughout the year.

Click to enlargeOne of the things I’ve learned about speckled trout is that they don’t always do everything at the same time. Although most of the trout are starting to move out into the bay here in April, I do catch some trout in some of the creeks that run into the bay. One of my favorite creeks to fish at this time of the year is called Hammock Creek. The trout in this creek will hold along a 4-foot drop-off with the bottom in 1-1/2- to 2-feet of water. Then the bank runs out a little way into 4 to 5 feet of water. Along that breakline is where I find the fish holding. Since the deepest spot in this little creek is only 5- to 6-feet deep, even though 4- to 6-feet deep doesn’t sound very deep, it’s the lowest spot in the creek. I cast from the deep water to the shallow water and swim or hop my Spike-It jig on my 6-pound-test Mossy Oak Fishing Line in front of the shallow water, over the breakline and into the deep water. Most of the time, the trout will take the bait just as the grub comes over the breakline. I’ve found that the most-Click to enlargesuccessful tactic is to hop the jig rather than swim it when I fish in this creek. Most of the strikes occur when I hop the grub off the shallow side of the ledge and let it fall onto the deep side of the ledge. Although the fish in this creek don’t start showing up until December, I can catch trout here all the way into the summer.

April is the best time to come to the Gulf of Mexico and catch speckled trout because they’re just about to move into the bay and the gulf. Every day we see more and more trout coming into the bay. You also can catch speckled trout during May, June, July and August in our region of the country. Generally, we take speckled trout, redfish and flounder from March all the way until the end of November. Since the weather has been really warm this winter, I’ve caught plenty of specks, reds and flounder almost every day I’ve fished. If our part of the coast gets lots of rain, and the bay muddies up, or if the area has lots of wind, making the bay too rough to fish in, then we may have a hard time producing the Click to enlargespecks and reds that everyone wants to catch. However, even in the worst weather and during the coldest temperatures, we can usually catch redfish and sheepshead. There’s always fish to catch down here, but April will be one of the most-productive months of the year. If you’re planning a trip to the Gulf Coast to go snapper fishing this year, don’t forget to include at least one day of inshore fishing for speckled trout and redfish. We have plenty of fish here to be caught and all you have to do is show up with Spike-It grubs and Mossy Fishing Line, and you can catch them.

To fish with Gary Davis, you can contact him at 251-942-6298 or 251-943-6298.

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