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Big Bass By Starlight

Bass In the Timber

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Ron Smith of Sylacauga, Alabama, hunts the hawgs in the wood. Oxbow lakes, old farm ponds with standing timber or big sloughs off a main river system are where you will find Smith when the sun dies, and the moon is resurrected.

“I know that big bass like cover,” Smith explains. “Bass like to be up against logs, brush or bushes. I also know that they will move into shallow water at night in the summer to feed on baitfish. Since bass like cover and food at night, I fish shallow-water cover for big bass. I believe that soClick to enlargeund more than anything else draws bass to a lure at night. The big bass hone in to sound like radar finds a ship. The bass then moves to the place he plans to attack. And when he hears the lure in his strike zone, he attacks the sound not the lure. For that reason I like a racket bait for my after-hours bassing. And my favorite racket lure is the Lunker Lure with either a black or a white skirt. I have fished the big Jitterbug at night and caught bass with it. However, fishing in the cover that I like to fish, the Jitterbug will often get hung up. With the Lunker Lure, I can come over logs, hit stumps and wade through treetops with no problems. Most of the time the fish will hit Click to enlargethe lure just as it leaves the structure or cover where he is holding. If my Lunker Lure comes over a log and drops off on the other side, the bass will most often hit just as I begin my retrieve. When I’ve got a bass on, he’ll usually head for some type of cover. For this reason, I fish 20- to 25-pound-test line. I need a line that will not only stop the charge of the bass but will allow me to work him through the wood after I’ve got him hooked.

“Some fishermen don’t bass fish at night because they are afraid that if they do get fish on they won’t be able to break them free from the cover to land them. They play games like, ‘I won’t cast to that spot because I know it is full of brush, and my lure will probably get hung. If the lure doesn’t get hung, and I do get a bass on, I’ll never land him.’ So with that kind of reasoning, theClick to enlargey talk themselves out of fishing the most-productive bass waters. Big bass can be caught in the woods at night. All you have to do to boat a big one is: use a racket bait like the Lunker Lure that doesn’t hang up much; and fish heavy line and a stout rod so you can drag the hawg out of the woods.”

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