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John's Journal... Entry 10 - Day 4


Click to enlargeAll-Dady Lineside Action

Have you ever caught fish until your arm's so tired you hardly can raise it? Head to Pickwick Lake this month, and fish for saltwater striped bass. Catching stripers at Pickwick this month is a great way to introduce youngsters and new fishermen to the sport of angling. You can catch saltwater stripers until you just don't want to take the fish anymore by using large shad minnows and light line.

Click to enlargeSam Parker, a guide on the Tennessee River, from Florence, Alabama, positions the boat to insure that your bait will get down quickly into the boils where the big stripers stay. "We're seeing plenty of 3- to 5-pound saltwater stripers," Parker explained. "We'll get an occasional 10- to 12-pound striper. But the good news is that we can catch and release them all day. When my fisherman want to take a break from catching the big smallmouth this area is known for, I can bring him to the base of Wilson Dam and let him catch saltwater stripers like these until their arms get sore. These fish are fun to catch and release on light tackle. You can keep two to eat, if you like to eat striper."
Click to enlargeSaltwater striped bass can be delicious to eat if it's properly prepared. After the fish has been filleted, cut the red meat (lateral line) out of the fillet. Then cut the fillet into small strips about 1-inch wide and 3-inches long. Put these strips in a plastic or a glass container, cover the fillets with 7-Up, and put the fillets covered with 7-Up in the refrigerator overnight. The next evening, drain the fillets, and prepare them any way you enjoy preparing other fish. These fish will be sweet and tasty and not have a fishy taste or smell.
Click to enlargeFor more information, contact Sam Parker at 7731 Doctor Kennedy Drive, Florence, Al 35634, (256) 757-7033. Be sure and ask about Parker's 15-hour night/day combo trip.

Check back each day this week for more on fishing with Sam Parker.

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