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John's Journal... Entry 18 - Day 1

click here to enlargeLEAVELLWOOD - HOME OF TROPHY BASS

EDITOR'S NOTE: Trey Montgomery of West Greene, Alabama, between Eutaw and the Mississippi border, owns and operates one of the nation's leading trophy bass-fishing lodges. This week we'll learn all we can about raising trophy bass and the lakes in which they live.

QUESTION: What is Leavellwood?

ANSWER: Leavellwood is a fishing and hunting lodge consisting of 1,400 acres and six, well-stocked and well-managed bass lakes.

click to enlargeQUESTION: How big are your lakes?

ANSWER: Leavellwood's lakes range in size from 6 acres to 35 acres. We've put plenty of structure in the lakes, including pea gravel, concrete rubble, old cars and other things that will hold bass. The lakes are loaded with threadfin shad, tilapia and bluegills the bass can eat. We keep a lot of forage fish in our lakes. We also supplement feed our bass and bream to enable the bass in our ponds to gain from 2 to 2 -pounds per bass per year.

click to enlargeQUESTION: How big are the bass in your lakes?

ANSWER: We've shocked up a 12 pounder and have had a bass weighing more than 11 pounds caught from the lakes. We've put in over 130 bass weighing from 5 to 8 pounds each in the lakes we're currently fishing.

For more information, contact Trey Montgomery at Leavellwood Lodge, P.O. Box 24, Co. Rd. 117, West Greene, Alabama 35491, (205) 372-2323.


Check back each day this week for more from Trey Montgomery and Leavellwood...

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