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The Youngest Pro Fisherman with Jonny Schultz

Jonny Schultz on Becoming Adaptable In Your Bass Fishing

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Fourteen year-old Jonny Schultz, of Little Rock, Arkansas, started his fishing career when he was 7-years old. Now that he’s 14, he’s already earned $20, 000 in college scholarships. This week we’ll see how this phenomenal young man has made his life, living and fortune as a professional fisherman and learn what the future holds for him.Click to enlarge

Question: Jonny, you grew up in Wisconsin and learned to fish there. Now, you’ve moved to Arkansas. How has your fishing changed?
Schultz: The first year I moved to Arkansas, I won the Arkansas State Kid’s Division B.A.S.S. tournament and the Arkansas State FLW Kid’s Division, and I finished 3rd in the FLW National Championship for Kids. I had to learn to fish brand-new water and learn new tactics and techniques. At first, changing my entire fishing style was difficult, but I learned to adapt. I fished the lures in which I had a lot of confidence.

Question: What are your favorite lures to fish?Click to enlarge
Schultz: I really like to fish soft plastics. So this year when Strike King came out with their Perfect Plastic lures, I started fishing all the new plastic baits that Strike King produced. When it comes to crankbaits, I’m a fan of the Custom Shop Flat Shad crankbait. The action of this bait, especially in the spring of the year, really gets the bass excited. I’ve built an awful lot of confidence in this bait. In the FLW Arkansas State Tournament, I caught an 8-pound largemouth on that Flat Shad crankbait.Click to enlarge

Question: Jonny, from where did the money come that you’ve made fishing and are saving for college?
Schultz: When I won the B.A.S.S. CastingKids competition when I was 8, I won a $5,000 scholarship. When I was 14 and won the same contest again, I received another $5,000 scholarship. I also won $5,000 by being an inaugural member of the Kid’s All-American Fishing Team. In the FLW Championship, I won $3,000 in scholarship money. I’ve won some other scholarships in some of the charity bass-fishing events I’ve participated in to bring my total up to about $20,000 in winnings from fishing tournaments.

Question: Jonny, what do you think you’ll major in when you get in college?
Schultz: I plan to go to college and major in business and marketing. I want to learn more about how to work with my sponsors, like Strike King and Plano. I’d like to learn how to better sell and promote their products, while learning how to run my own professional business. I’d also really like to help Strike King design baits and help Plano Molding design tackle boxes.

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