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Coyotes For Grabs

Decoys, Calls and Cover Scents

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: If you’ll hunt coyotes and try to help the landowner get rid of coyote nuisances, many times he’ll invite you back to hunt deer or turkey on prime lands. The more you get to hunt with your black-powder rifle, the more value you receiveClick to enlarge from the rifle, the better you’ll shoot, and the more fun you can have. Looking for opportunities to hunt after deer season ends makes sense. Coyote hunting during the off-season enables you to build good relationships with the landowners whose land you hunt.

Many coyote hunters enjoy using Lohman’s Rigor Rabbit decoy from Flambeau and have found it very effective. But a turkey feather, a white rag or even a child’s stuffed animal also will give the coyote something to focus on as it starts to come to your calling, If you can add movement to your decoy, you’ll have even more success.

I like skunk essence cover scent, made by Wildlife Research Center, to use as a cover scent. This skunk essence drives even house cats wild and stays strong for a year.Click to enlarge

An accomplished predator caller may prefer on of the hand-blown predator calls and/or a mouse squeaker. Hunter’s Specialties, Knight and Hale, Lohman’s, Primos, M.A.D. and Quaker Boy all make quality hand-blown predator calls. However, you may want to cClick to enlargeonsider using a CD player or a cassette player. With either the CD or the cassette player, you simply turn the machine on, turn the volume up, turn it back to low and wait on the coyotes. You’ll generally see any coyote within earshot of your calls, within 10 to 30 minutes after you set up to call.

For more information on Hunter’s Specialties’ products, e-mail, or visit For more information on Knight & Hale calls, visit To learn more about Lohman’s or M.A.D. products, visit For more information on Primos game calls, e-mail, or visit To learn more about Quaker Boy products, e-mail, or visit
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