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Have a Family Crappie-Fishing Farm

How to Have a Crappie Farm Planted for You

Click to enlargeCatching fish is great family fun. But going fishing and not taking any fish can be boring and aggravating. However, the families who know how to farm fish consistently can find and catch crappie on almost everClick to enlargey outing. Planning a fishing trip for the day and farming for crappie is as exciting as organizing a vacation to Disney World.

If you understand the other anglers on a lake, you often can fish a crappie farm without having to plant brush. On most lakes and reservoirs, bass fishing is the number-one activity of lake anglers. In recent years, bass fishermen have become as concerned about planting brush for bass as crappie fishermen have. Bass anglers generally plant brush along the same points, creek channels and river channels where crappiClick to enlargee fishermen want to plant brush. Move back and forth across points with your depth finder in your boat on until you locate the brush that’s already been planted. This brush-hunting expedition can be like a treasure hunt for youngsters and oldsters alike. Once you find the brush, mark its location on a lake map and at what dClick to enlargeepth of water you spot it. After you’ve spent part of the day locating brush, return to fish these brush piles. Each day you go to the lake, take the time to look for new brush piles in coves, on points, along creek and river ledges and in front of boat docks where lake residents often sink brush to hold crappie. These brush piles can be extremely productive immediately because they’ve been sunk longer than any new brush pile you build.

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